(Frequently Asked Questions)

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Who is Mike Mongo?

Mike Mongo is a globe-trotting astronaut teacher and book author who travels worldwide to instill essential skills and lessons in today’s young students for tomorrow’s new jobs in space and astronautics. To learn more about Mike and his book, The Astronaut Instruction Manual, visit mikemongo.com.

What will i be doing at Astronaut Job Fair?

#1 question! Here’s some by-no-means-definitive answers: Creating a Space Job resume. Talking about going the extra mile (space is 100 miles up–going 101 will get you “higher’d”). Team-building exercises. Meeting actual working Space professionals. STEAM labs. Meeting with Space industry representatives. Learning how to network. Maybe even a little nerding out over Space. Maybe like for certain that. Plus games, LEGOS, meeting other people with same interests. You know, Space stuff.

What do I need to bring?

AJF supplies lunch (see below) and snack (ditto) and everything students will need to succeed ie pens, paper, etc. If you have special dietary requirements, bring what you need. Whatever you need to make the day work best for you. Smartphones are cool. Most attendees are really into what we are doing. Students who spend time on their phones instead of paying attention are just letting somebody else have their opportunity to be an astronaut. That’s good for somebody!

Can parents and guardians Attend/hangout at ajf?

Nope. Sorry, there just isn’t “space” for grownups.

(Get it? “No space” for grownups? Ha ha. But no.)

Are scholarships available?

Yes! Based on recommendation, one-third to half of AJF attendees are awarded Scholar’s Choice scholarships. These are scholarships for students showing excellence and promise as well as financial need. Forms here. As Space Shuttle Challenger Astronaut Christa McAuliffe famously stated, “Space is for everybody!”

What is for lunch?

Pizza (both the pepperoni and cheese varieties), juices, water, some fruit.

What is for snack?

We strive to have healthy and delicious low-sugar snacks with gluten-free options. Though, to be fair, chocolate has been known to find its way into the mix.

Why are Mike mongo’s glasses upside down?

Good question. Be sure and ask him when you meet him!